Coming Soon: Machine Gun Preacher

Marc Forster, the versatile filmmaker who brought us the imaginative Stranger Than Fiction and Finding Neverland and the gritty Monster’s Ball, is primed to deliver big with his latest offering, Machine Gun Preacher—arguably the best-titled film of the year (not to be confused with this year’s Hobo with a Shotgun, which is an equally amazing title). This is the true story of Sam Childers (Gerard Butler), a former drug-dealing biker, who takes it upon himself to advocate for Sudanese children who are forced to be soldiers.

I’m a big fan of Forster’s work, so I’m looking forward to this film. Its fall release and Forster’s name put the film in prime contention for Oscar consideration. The Academy is usually a sucker for true stories, particularly those with heart, which this film appears to have. Judging from the trailer and synopsis, Childers’s arc is pretty dynamic. I’m interested to see what Butler did with such a meaty, inspired part. It’s good to see him outside the rom-com genre, at least for the time being.

Director: Marc Forster

Screenwriter: Jason Keller

Producers: Robbie Brenner, Craig Chapman, Marc Forster, Deborah Giarratana,  Gary Safady

Cast: Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Michael Shannon

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama

Distributor: Relativity Media

Official Site:

Release Date: 9.23.11 (NY & LA)

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Machine Gun Preacher”

  1. Loved the trailer! Thanks for sharing, it sure does look like a great movie. Only one thing I would add to your note….The Kite Runner is another amazing film from this director that I think many people have missed.


    1. Thanks for the comment. I thought about mentioning The Kite Runner, but wanted to limit the number of films I mentioned, and although I liked The Kite Runner, it’s not my favorite of his films.


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