The following are some of my screenwriting/film projects. Check out my IMDb page for partial credits.

“In-Kind” (2015)


View on IMDb

Three lives are impacted by a simple gesture of kindness.

Directed by Daniel Quitério & Stephanie Dawson
Written by Daniel Quitério
Produced by Laurie Rud
Starring Joe Forbrich, Monique Pappas, Makenna Pappas, Erin Mairead O’Kane
Format: Short film
Status: Completed (11 min.) (See the “Anatomy of a Short Film” section of this blog for the making of this film.)

Official selection:
2017 Hope Film Awards
2017 Cinema Soup Film Festival (Mattoon, IL)
2017 New York Sun Fest NYSF (New York, NY)
2016 Canada Shorts Film Festival (Winner: Award of Commendation)
2016 International Film Festival Manhattan (New York, NY) (Nominee: Best Socially Relevant Film)
2016 Galactic Colors Film Festival
2016 Lovecraft NYC Film Festival (New York, NY)
2016 Garden State Film Festival (Atlantic City, NJ) – World Premiere

  Canada-shorts-AWARD-OF-COMMENDATION-laurel-gold-copy.jpg Garden State Film Festival  IFFM.jpg  nysfCinema Soup Film Festival.jpgHFA 2017 OS Black.pngGalactic Colors Film Festival.png

“The Worst Best Day” (2012)

Things start to go downhill when Oliver’s psycho ex-girlfriend shows up the day of his wedding.

Directed by Janice Y. Perez
Written by Lisa Kiesel & Daniel Quitério
Produced by Laurie Rud & Stephanie Dawson
Starring Shelley Ray, Rafael Fuentes, Joe Forbrich, Amanda Pennington, Bernard Davis, Elissa Desani
Format: Short film
Status: Completed (5 min.)

“Betsy Ross Is Dead” (2009)

A man. A woman. A rabbit. A dog. A cat.

Written & Directed by Daniel Quitério & Maura Feeney
Starring Joe Forbrich, Donna Ross, Shelley Ray
Format: Short film
Status: Produced, unfinished (10 min.)

“Shear Pratique” (2009)

View on IMDb

Desperate for a last-minute haircut, Carol convinces Maddie to do the job.

Directed by Elena Shpak
Written by Daniel Quitério and Maura Feeney
Starring Flo Ankah, Donna Ross, Elena Shpak
Format: Short film
Status: Completed (5 min.)

Official selection:
2012 International Film Festival Manhattan (New York, NY)
2012 Katra Film Series (New York, NY)
2011 The View from Here: A Festival of Short Films (Fairfield, CT)
2011 NewFilmmakers New York (New York, NY)
2010 CinéGlobe Film Festival (CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland)
2010 Screen Actors Guild Foundation Short Film Showcase (New York, NY) – World Premiere 


“Misplaced” (2009)

One man’s attempt to get ahead at work doesn’t go as planned.

Written by Daniel Quitério
Format: Short film
Status: Unproduced spec

“First Date” (2009)

After her long-term boyfriend calls it quits, Marie reluctantly eases her way back on the market.

Directed by Elena Shpak
Written by Daniel Quitério
Produced by Flo Ankah
Starring Flo Ankah, Diego Carvajal, Brian Barney, Gerrit Goosen, Melanie Gretchen
Format: Short film
Status: Completed (4 min.)

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