Apocalypse Now Intro.

In honor of tomorrow’s apocalypse, enjoy this clip of the opening of Apocalypse Now (1979), one of the greatest films ever made.

4 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now Intro.”

  1. We didn’t find him (though the fact the movie was shot in the Philappines, didn’t help!) We had a great day though in the end too many temples. I’ve written up our day, with a phot or two, do have a look.

    I’m only glad the World didn’t end otherwise I’d missed a great day out 😉


    1. I just saw. It all looks amazing. I was watching a show on the Travel Channel awhile back where the host went to Cambodia and toured a bunch of these temples. Your pictures remind me of that. I’d definitely love to visit someday.

      Incidentally, the guy who predicted the apocalypse revised his date. Now it’s supposed to happen on October 21. Be sure to plan your trips accordingly. 🙂


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