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Men We Love: Michael Fassbender

(Re-posted from LimitéMagazine.com)

by Saidah Russell
March 4, 2012

The end of the Oscars marks the end of another awards season filled with its share of victories, as well as disappointments—perhaps none more bitter (depending on whether you’re camp Davis or Streep) than the snubbing of Michael Fassbender for his devastating and shockingly vulnerable portrayal of long-suffering sex addict Brandon Sullivan in ShameFor those of you who have only recently become aware of the actor, well, let’s just say there’s a lot to learn. Last year was certainly a breakout year for Fassbender with the release of four films (Jane Eyre, X-Men: First Class, A Dangerous Method, and Shame), a feature in GQ as the magazine’s pick for Breakout Man of the Year, and a Golden Globe nomination. Though he didn’t win the award, the nomination and subsequent publicity have done much to garner Fassbender some well-deserved attention. But, unfortunately, there are still those among us—those non-believers—who may need some convincing. So whether you’re reading this for validation or proof of the wonder that is Michael Fassbender, here are a few reasons why we love him and why you should, too.

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