IMDb’s Amazingness: Independent Films and Shorts

IMDb is my homepage. It’s my home on the Web—where I hang my hat and spend most of my time. I research films, check the news, rate movies, build my Watchlist, and vote in the daily poll. It’s great. IMDb is like a brain—a clearinghouse for knowledge and creativity. But I have to confess—I haven’t recognized the site’s full potential. Much like the human brain, I only use about 10% of it. So imagine my surprise when I discovered you could actually watch independent full-length movies and short films on the site. Almost 7,000 of them. Maybe I’m late joining this party. Perhaps many of you already knew this. So humor me. Check out IMDb’s list of Independent Films and Shorts. There’s no reason to ever be bored again.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting some of IMDb’s features, proving the site’s amazingness. (Yes, amazingness.)

Note: IMDb is not paying me to endorse its site, but I would gladly accept a few bucks. Movies are getting expensive, you know. 

3 thoughts on “IMDb’s Amazingness: Independent Films and Shorts”

  1. I LOVE! IMDB. I am constantly on it. It is an incredible resource. My sis-in-law is an actress, and it also serves a great purpose for her. Her IMDB “popularity rate” goes up each time someone visits her page. Her agent is able to use this popularity rate to campaign for jobs for her. So please visit Leyna Juliet Weber on IMDB and spread the word!


    1. I’ll definitely visit her page. Best of luck to her. I’m also on IMDb for a short film I wrote. I’m working on building up my filmography. Getting on IMDb was a goal for me. It’s exciting! 🙂


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